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Self Care Ideas

Simple Self Care Ideas You Can Do Today

Hey friend! I hope you’re enjoying this series on self care. We established in this post about the Importance of Self Care for Moms that self care is about more than bubble baths and massages. Self care actually means taking care of body, soul, emotions, and mind so that you have the reservoirs that you need in order to meet the needs of your family.  We’ve also established in this post some signs that you’re overdue for some self care. But let’s be real. Moms are busy, which is why we overlook self care in the first place, right? So what are some simple self care ideas you can do today?

18 Simple Self Care Ideas You Can Do Today

  1. Take a shower and put on real clothes (it’s amazing what that does for your mindset!
  2. Go for a walk
  3. Call, Facetime, or Marco Polo a friend 
  4. Take a nap
  5. Go to bed on time 
  6. Get some sunshine
  7. Do 5-10 minutes of gentle stretching  
  8. Do some deep breathing exercises 
  9. Eat some fruit and vegetables 
  10. Take your vitamins 
  11. Put a show on for the kids and sit with your Bible and journal. (Screen time doesn’t count if it means you get a chance to talk to Jesus).
  12. Put on some worship music 
  13. Listen to an uplifting podcast while you do housework 
  14. Make a list of 10 things you’re grateful for
  15. Form some positive statements or affirmations that you can repeat to yourself throughout the day. Write them down. Post them where you can see them.
  16. Pick a verse and meditate on it
  17. Drink a cup of tea 
  18. Read a book on your phone instead of scrolling through social media

If these posts on self care are resonating with you, I dare you to take the 7 Day Rest Challenge with me. Join the group of mamas who are saying “yes” to Jesus’ invitation to rest. In the midst of the chaos. In the midst of the business. In the midst of the unfolded laundry and dirty dishes. Sign up in the box below!

One last vitally important self care tool…

This last one is not free, quick, or easy but it’s vitally important and I can’t pass up the opportunity to suggest it. 

Your mindset and your thoughts control almost everything else about your life. Take some time to assess the condition of your thoughts. Lysa Terkeurst says “you will steer where you stare.” Take some time to become conscious about where your gaze is centered. Is it pointed in the direction that you want to go? 

If, as you assess your thoughts and emotions, you find that there are some bigger things beneath the surface that you’ve been stuffing down for a while, you need to make time to address them. Sometimes finding a close, trusted friend or mentor to confide in is all that is needed, but there are times when professional help is necessary. Don’t let pursuing counseling be a last resort move. Pursue it to prevent crisis and burn out.  

By this point I hope that I’ve convinced you to start spending a little more time and attention making sure your own needs are met! What are your favorite real life self care ideas that can be done on a daily basis?

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