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16 Fun Frugal Christmas Activities

Christmas is such an expensive time. Creating Christmas memories and traditions with your kids is so important, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Try these fun frugal Christmas activities with your kids this season!

Christmas can also be a really busy season. It can be easy to get so caught up in all of the “have tos” that it’s easy to neglect to do any of the “want tos.”

Here’s the thing, your children will carry the memories you make during this season with them for the rest of their lives.

No pressure.

Think back to your childhood. Do you remember all of the gifts you got at each Christmas? You might remember a few, but you probably don’t remember the majority of them!

What do you remember?

You probably have a few significant memories that stick out to you. I bet that you can remember things like the smells and the way you felt in those memories. And I bet that the most significant part of those memories were not the things in them… I bet it was the people you were with, and the things you did.

The memories you make and the traditions you start don’t have to be fancy. They don’t have to be expensive. They don’t have to be flashy or impressive. You just have to be present.

Make an intentional effort to put away any distractions. Make eye contact. Engage. Be fully present in the moment.

16 Fun Frugal Christmas Activities

  • Decorate the Christmas tree
  • Do an advent tree
  • Make a countdown to Christmas paper chain
  • Learn about St. Nicholas and celebrate St. Nicholas day
  • Make an ornament
  • Go look at Christmas lights
  • Make Christmas cards for friends and family
  • Drink hot chocolate and watch a Christmas movie as a family
  • Decorate a gingerbread house
  • Read the Christmas story
  • Check Christmas books out of the library
  • Make Christmas cookies
  • Deliver homemade cards and baked goods to elderly neighbors
  • Act out the Christmas story
  • Have children do chores to earn money to purchase gifts to give their siblings
  • Listen to Christmas music and have a dance party

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