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Fun Kids Activities with Counting Bears

6 Fun Kids’ Activities with Counting Bears

I’ve been loving these counting bears because they’re so versatile and can be used for so many fun math and pre-writing activities. Once you have the counting bears, the rest of the supplies for these activities are things that you probably already have around the house. Each activity takes less than 5 minutes to set up and can be modified to fit a variety of ages. Here’s 6 fun kids activities with counting bears!

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Supplies to Have on Hand:

I love keeping these supplies on hand because I use them ALL THE TIME when I’m setting up activities for my kids.

Counting Bears

Giant Paper Rolls


Plastic Storage Bin with Lid

Wooden Blocks, Legos, Magformers, Magnatiles, or any other building type toy you have on hand. Even cardboard boxes and some imagination will work!

Fun activities for kids: Counting Bears

6 Fun Kids Activities with Counting Bears

Sensory Counting Bear Hide & Seek

Tossing counting bears in with some rice made for a fun twist on our regular rice sensory bin! 

5 year old: searched for bears by color, put them in the corresponding circles, and then counted by 10s to determine how many bears we had total

3 year old: searched for the bears and counted as she found them.

1 year old: just had fun digging through the rice to find the bears!

Counting Bear House Sorting 

I took 2 seconds and drew houses (and then ran out of room so the last 3 colors were apartments) for counting and sorting.

3 year old: I labeled each house with the color word to give her an opportunity to practice color word recognition as well.

5 year old: I would have drawn the houses and words in black marker and had him read the color words and sort them accordingly.

Fun Kids Activities with Counting Bears

Counting Bear Line Up

This super simple activity practices fine motor pre-writing skills by having kids line the bears up on the line. I made sure there were varying number of bears in the pile so we could also practice the concepts of least and most, and less than and greater than. Since my 5 year old is learning to read and write, he was able to read the words and write the answers in the box. It could easily be adjusted for a younger child by doing the activity with the child. 

Counting Bear Soup

I tossed some counting bears into a water bin and threw in some food coloring to make this colorful and inviting activity!

(Turns out all we had left was this electric green which was not so appealing, but the kids didn’t mind!)

My original thought was that the kids would scoop and sort the bears but they had more fun pretending like it was soup. 

Bonus Activities: 

Bring the Bears Home

I adapted this idea from Days with Grey. I had the kids build a house for the bears at the end of the road and then line the bears up along the road to get home. 

Bring the Bears Home

Counting Bear Rainbow

I got this idea from Days with Grey as well! It’s such a fun fine motor and early math activity!

Counting Bear Rainbow

I hope you’ve enjoyed these 6 Fun Kids Activities with Counting Bears! The opportunities are endless with counting bears, which is why it’s one of those purchases I don’t regret at all! For more fun kids’ activities see the posts linked below!

Oh and don’t forget to grab your boredom buster checklist!

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